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Through many years of teaching trebles and adolescent boys with changing voices I became only too aware of the challenge faced by so many singing teachers in finding suitable repertoire.  Peters Edition approached my colleague, Liza Hobbs, who invited me to join her in compiling a book of songs with limited ranges, in suitable keys and with interesting texts specially aimed at adolescent boys.  We had a fascinating time compiling Changing Voices.   


Liza and I were then asked to produce a second  book, but this time for older singers, some of whom might be late starters or perhaps those returning to singing after a gap.  The songs have been specially chosen to include works without undue technical challenges and a modest vocal range.    Everlasting Voices is also graded in difficulty and includes folk songs through to some well-known Gurney and Schubert and unusual, but beautiful, songs by Guastavino and Poulenc.   The songs are suitable for all singers - equally appropriate for teenagers or the older singer and are published in two volumes: Medium High and Medium Low voices.

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