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I teach a wide variety of classical singers, both professional and amateur, and at different stages in their training and careers from my private studio in SE London.

For more information please contact me here.

"Veronica is surely one of the country's very best singing teachers. She has thoroughly transformed my singing by giving me a really firm technical grounding which I rely on daily as a professional singer. On a practical level for me, this has meant the freeing up of a lot of tension, which has opened up my high register and enabled me to sing more freely. Her technical knowledge of the voice is based on science and detailed research and she is absolutely superb at conveying this information in a way that makes sense and is useful to the student. Furthermore she has been the most superb person to learn with. Perpetually smiling, positive and encouraging, Veronica has been an immense pillar of strength to me over the years. She manages to combine her innate kindness with a professional directness when it comes to the diagnosis of a problem, and she is not afraid to push people to realise their potential.

I recommend Veronica without hesitation to my friends and colleagues all the time: I am in no doubt that my career would not be as it is today were it not for her."                                                                                                                                                                           Zoe  Brookshaw



"As a busy singer, vocal coach and choir trainer, Veronica is the ideal teacher for me: her exceptional grasp of technique and understanding of me as a performer truly nurture me as a singer, while her wide experience as a vocal coach makes her ideal to mentor me in this aspect of my work as well. "

Charles MacDougall

Tenor, Choral Animateur and Vocal Coach


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